"Printdemic is a small company that I founded, initially to help frontline workers during the pandemic. Then it grew and I started offering my products to anyone who needed them. At first I was just making ear protectors. Then, I started thinking that it would be good to create my own design, so I invented a mask box. Right now, Printdemic makes ear protectors and mask boxes and hopefully later I can create more things to help. The goals of Printdemic are to help as many people as possible. Front line workers spend their days helping people, so Printdemic wants to help them stay safe. Even when the pandemic is over, Printdemic will continue to offer products to keep people safe, and may branch out to create things that can be used by medical professionals."

-Alex Pound, 12 year old founder of Printdemic

About Alex

I’m Alex, and I’m 12 years old. I’m going into grade 8 at a school in Ottawa. I like to do scootering and parkour. I like 3D printing because it’s cool, you can make almost anything. I like creating things with my 3D printer to help people during the pandemic.

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Focused on Helping People


Ear Protectors

Started as a service for the Front Line Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex provided these for FREE and continues to offer them to the ones that need them most. Order yours today.


Kid's Mask Cases

Your mask protects you and the people you are around. These mask cases protect your mask. Don't place it on the table or in your pocket. Keep it clean. Keep it safe.


Adult Mask Cases

You're working, teaching, parenting, acting as friend and confidant... all in a pandemic. You are being safe and doing your part. Take some worry away and protect yourself with a mask case.

Made for Our Front Line Workers

Contact us for info on FREE products for Front Line Workers.

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The Original Printdemic Ear Protector
Made for our Front Line Workers


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